IDEA Growth Center

The growth center sheds awareness by proving tools and support which are just as important.

Many at times, entrepreneurs believe funding is the only missing link between them and success. SMEs throughout the world face the same challenges, but just as important as access to finance, is:

  • business expertise and resources
  • Mentorship and business coaching
  • good business management practices
  • non-financial support
  • information, know-how, learning opportunities
  • networking opportunities

The IDEAGrowth Centre, bridges this gap, by bringing the information needed to run a successful business to the entrepreneur; address the challenges entrepreneurs face; and so promote and develop entrepreneurship in Uganda.

We are also in the process of developing an online resource portal dubbed The SME Toolkit Uganda.

The focus of this toolkit

  • Enterprises

    looking to start or grow an existing small business

  • Enterprises

    already running a business but need support to adopt best practice

  • The public

    The public that has not started yet but is considering options and needs relevant information.

Growth Center Initiatives

The growth center is home to other initiatives by Idea. These include

  • Changemaker speakers

    Get inspired by the thought leaders and captains of business and industry; the very best at what they do. Provide a forum to share ideas that challenges assumption, ignites thought and questions status quo

  • Idea Start-Ups

    Graduate through our bespoke start up program, taking ideas from heights imagined to heights achieved. An intensive one-day workshop that will provide you with everything you need to start your venture

  • Idea workshops

    Deliver workshops that support seeds of innovation and ideas. We leverage experts in different fields to run awareness & capability sessions to support growth & ideation. One-day entrepreneurship boot-camp

  • Networking Events

    Meet like-minded treps and leverage our dynamic community of innovates. The objective is to strike partnerships and support each other’s seeds

  • Idea Competitions

    Competitions where creativity thrives a chance to win funding and a chance to strike beneficial partnerships

  • Annual Idea Forum

    The grand gathering of ideas with speaker events and masterclasses

  • Hacks & starter packs

    Start-up packs full of useful material to help your business get started. We are working with partners to secure an Incubation Centre where members can rent 24-hour desk-space at a massively discounted rate

  • The Lunch

    "The Lunch" is an informal lunch meeting held periodically with a thought leaders to share ideacylins with ambitious treps who need reassurance in the possibilities of their pursuits.

  • Changemaker

    ChangeMaker are seeds of innovation, untapped potential and unexplored ambitions of the youngest population in the world. ChangeMaker provides a platform for ideas of entrepreneurs seeking funding and or partnerships for their ideas. We provide a platform for opportunity to meet opportunity.

  • I am Changemaker

    Share your Changemaker story and win partnerships, support and possibility of funding. We would love to highlight your story or help you start yours!

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